Creative Minds with Chad Hall
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I believe conversations aren't about facts and answers, they're about trying on ideas and wrestling with complex, elusive, ridiculous & difficult questions to see what's possible. I want to understand who people are, how they think, & how they can expand my perspective. Most of my guests are people in creative fields, some aren't, but all of them are fascinating to me. These are civil discussions where I'm willing to be wrong, I'm willing to disagree, I'm willing to cultivate crushes, and I'm willing to fall in love with human beings.

Creative Minds for me is all about casual conversations that aren't rushed or forced; conversations that find their depth naturally. I used to love running across old episode of Dick Cavett and Charlie Rose and wonder why they were so damn short; what they would be like without commercial breaks, and "we're out of time." To me, Creative Minds is a late night radio talk show: just two people talking low, getting lost in the dark, and digging up bones like no one is listening.

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    Drew Roulette

    I sit down with artist, musician Drew Roulette (dredg, Dark Heavens) to chat about art, music, psychedelics, mimicry, sleepwalking, interviewers, band dynamics and more.

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    Frances Marin Lopez

    This week I sit down with artist Frances Marin Lopez to chat about the absurdity of normalcy, social media's effect on quality, balance in relationships, introversion and more.

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    Devonne Amos

    I sit down with artist Devonne Amos to talk art, the importance of fundamentals, being the only child of a single mother, why Harrison Ford is like Santa Claus, how his grandmother bewildered the KKK, Saved By the Bell, and much more.

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    Colin Frangicetto

    I sit down with artist, musician Colin Frangicetto (Circa Survive, Psychic Babble) to talk flow state, resistance, artistic freedom, psychedelics, beginner’s mindset, and more.

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    Megan Holiday

    I sit down with radio personality Megan Holiday (KROQ, Alt105) to talk podcasting, her struggles with addiction, sobriety, recovery, giving back, community, the importance of a positive mindset, much more.

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    Mighty Mike McGee

    I sit down with Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Mighty Mike McGee to discuss poetry, comedy, the evolution of what's socially acceptable, and idea of horrible people making good art (Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, etc.)

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    Marc Ruiz

    I sit down with my friend Marc Ruiz to talk about screenwriting, blogging, photography, imposter syndrome, and having a child with cancer.

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    Daniel Garcia

    I sit down with Content Magazine curator Daniel Garcia and we talk about running a magazine, photography, parenting, limitations, mindfulness and the battle against perfectionism.

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    David Knight

    I sit down with musician David Knight and we talk about music, moving to Malaysia, negotiating personal politics, grief and the effects of age on the creative process.

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    Vinny Le Pés

    I chat with photographer & YouTuber Vinny Le Pés. A talk that starts out about notebooks and journaling leads us into the longer conversation of digital vs analog, input overload, intention, film photography, over-organizing, social media and more.

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