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People are like libraries—full of stories and ideas and questions. As an introvert, a writer, and a bookworm, it’s too easy for me to get locked in the cage of my own thoughts; it’s too easy to forget the value of dialog. Sometimes I just have to call up interesting people and talk to them. I have to force myself into a space where we can try on ideas and wrestle with interesting, difficult, complex and sometimes even ridiculous questions—like two people digging holes just to see what’s in the dirt.

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    33 // Suhita Shirodkar

    Chad sits down with urban sketcher, watercolor artist, an illustrator Suhita Shirodkar to talk about handwriting, children's art, working with watercolor, realistic art vs representative art, blogging, politics in art, and the news as a second-hand experience.

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    32 // Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike

    Chad sits down with rock & roll cultural historian, fandom expert, author, and former West Coast Marketing Director for Interscope Geffen A&M Records, Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike about moving to England following a friend's murder, "cold calling" people like Henry Rollins and Lars Ulrich, demystifying Mark Lanegan, the future of music, the persistence of vinyl, showing up too early to Fatboy Slim's house, cutting through the mythology of dead rock idols, identity politics, the importance of nuance, and online dating.

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    31 // Kim Walesh

    Chad sits down with San Jose Deputy City Manager and Director of Economic Development, Kim Walesh to chat about balancing the needs of all segments of a community, the bane of email, the importance of personal rituals, the joy of playing music, flow state, meditation, community meetings, authentic leadership, the perception of professional women, confidence, diversity, wandering, writing, and more.

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    30 // Ryan Sebastian

    Chad sits down with Urban planer & founder of Treatbot, Moveable Feast & Public Space Authority, Ryan Sebastian to talk cities, communities, immigrant strivers, and the automated future.

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    29 // Ian Parton

    Chad sits down with Ian Parton from The Go! Team to chat about songwriting, bands, imperfection, and transcending the album cycle.

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    Ranom Badassery X-mas Bonus

    Creative Minds presents: the Random Badassery X-mas Bonus. A little something extra for you in your stocking from my other podcast: Lam and Chad have another wandering conversation, trying to understand fragments of life like x-mas movies, concussive brain injuries, blogging, synchronicity, and the observing self.

    Happy Holidays and Happy birthday to Lam Nguyen.

    If you enjoy this episode you can listen to episodes like between Lam & I this every week on Random Badassery.

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    28 // Ben Henderson

    Chad sits down with artist, musician Ben Henderson (Brother Grand, Good Hustle, Delta Activity) to chat about Van Halen, web-cams, beginners mindset, and the beautiful, yet horrendous mutation found at the intersection of art and social media.

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    27 // Erin Salazar

    Chad sits down with muralist, public arts activist, and founder of Exhibition District Erin Salazar to talk community, triumph from personal loss, artist fellowships, motivation, and being extraordinary.

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    26 // Ryan Hernandez

    Chad sits down with his good friend & guitarist Ryan Hernandez (Strata, Balancing the Lion, Powerman 5000) about working musicians, coping with anxiety, band break ups and re-unions, the importance of friendship, and lots of guitarzzzzzz.

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    25 // Chris Garcia

    Chad sits down with podcaster, zine creator, and Computer History Museum curator Chris Garcia to chat about the Zodiac Killer, Jack the Ripper, Unsolved Mysteries, the future of streaming, Tim Cook, the pulse model of innovation and much more.

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